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Frequently Asked Questions

We host comapany events (meet-and-greets, panels, etc.), professional development workshops (resume reviews, interview prep, etc.), and social/mentorship events (movie/game nights, trivia nights, etc.). In the past, we've held professional development events with Google, Goldman Sachs, FAST enterprises, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, and more!

We host a minimum of 2-3 events a month and the days vary, but they are typically held on weekdays around 6 pm.

Dues, along with attending a minimum of 3 events a semester, solidifies you as an active member of ACM-W. Dues are $10 per person and they help contribute to the funding of our events all year! Dues also earn you member-only perks, such as access to the ACM-W resume book which is sent to our company contacts, member-specific ACM-W mech, and a member-only event at the end of the semester!

Yes! While our events are mainly targeted towards gender minorities in CS, people from any major can join! ACM-W is a great way to network and get involved on campus, as well as to learn about the countless opportunities RPI provides across the tech industry. In the past, we have hosted a series or events related to art+tech, as well as trivia game nights! If you have any specific events you'd like us to host, please feel free to reach out!

Around the time of fall semester class registration each year, we pair up incoming freshman with upperclassmen mentors to help guide them through the process of transitioning into the RPI campus. We also host several mentor/mentee events during the year to help foster a strong bond between mentors and their mentees and establish a fun and engaging community environment in ACM-W. Freshman and upperclassmen submit a form to partake in the program during the summer.

Freshman can get involved on the eboard by becoming a freshman representative! Freshman reps get the opportunity to pick a theme or project they would like to work on and organize and implement a related workshop or series of events with the support of the board. Project themes are completely flexible and freshman reps get creative freedom over the whole process. Examples of events you can host include tech workshops, tech-related current event talks, a female speaker series, how-to workshops, fundraising, community outreach on/off campus, and alumni events. We select 1-2 freshman each year and applications will be released early September.